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Yes...Children, even Babies, have STROKES!    
Please include Claire in your prayer list.
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Claire Cox is the 3 year old daughter of Michelle & Richard Cox of Knoxville, TN.

Claire suffered a stroke before birth in the Left Hemisphere Parietal and Temporal lobes resulting in the inability to use her right side of her body but mostly affecting the right arm and fine motor control of her right hand.

Treatments for Claire:

Claire has undergone 3 umbilical cord stem cell treatments in Mexico under the care of Dr. Fernando Ramirez- at the cost of $18,000 per treatment. She began walking 2 weeks after the first treatment.
Luckily, Claire is one of few that has been accepted to a one of a kind, world-renowned program at University of Alabama, Birmingham. The AQUIREc program will cast her left "good" arm, training her brain to use and recognize her right arm. She  undergoes therapy 6 hours a day for 28 days.
June 7, 2013 Claire travelled to Galveston, TX to have her tendons in her right leg lengthened to help her heel 

Ways to Help Us Raise Money for Medical Expenses

. An account is set up at all Regions Banks for Claire. 

Please help our happy, little Claire to gain her maximum potential and spread the word about Pediatric Strokes!

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